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RockitBoost is an innovative, affordable, easy-to-use influencer marketing platform that allows product owners, social media influencers and marketing agencies to create, manage, and scale their affiliate, referral, and marketing programs easily and profitably.

Who Needs RockitBoost
Product Owners

E-commerce sellers, crowd-funding campaigners, product managers, and those who own and manage sales and marketing activities for their products.

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Social media users, bloggers, celebrities and content creators who regularly engage with their followers of 2,000+ on their social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and etc.

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Marketing Agencies

Firms or individuals who manage or service social influencers on funding opportunities, partner collaboration, content creation, sales, and more.

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6 Features You've Been Waiting On

The RockitBoost Dashboard is a must-have in your marketing tool kit. Get access to our innovative and user-friendly dashboard where you can scale your workflow, boost your sales, track your progress, and do so much more!
Manage Projects at Scale

RockitBoost optimizes Influencer and campaign relationships with fully scalable workflow automation, efficient management systems, and innovative analytics tools to make data-driven decisions.

Supports 10 Languages

As a multilingual platform, RockitBoost allows users from all over the world to join the network and make full use of it without any language barrier. A quick switch can change the whole dashboard into your preferred language.

Innovative Analytic Tools

Track sales, traffic, audience growth, engagement, content creation, project status, email campaign results, and commission payouts through a customizable and fully automated dashboard.

Risk-free Collaboration

At RockitBoost, users have access to thousands of opportunities to collaborate with brands, special campaigns, projects, social influencers, and entrepreneurs. The results-based collaboration makes it risk-free with no strings attached.

Workflow Automation

Let RockitBoost automate the tracking, payments, sales, and ideal collaboration matches so you can focus on running your campaign, building your brand, managing your projects, or selling your product.

Easy Payments

With our easily manageable, adjustable, and automated payment system, you can track and manage incoming and outgoing transactions as well as customize commission rates for referral and affiliate programs.

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Client Reviews

Take a look at some of our early adopters’ experiences in testing and using RockitBoost.

"As an e-commerce seller, I need to maximize the exposure of our product listings. RockitBoost provides us with a novel and feasible way of promotion. Through testing, I found that the compatibility of this platform is impressively good. Our products in our own Shopify stores, Amazon, Wish and other marketplaces can all be promoted through the RockitBoost platform. And for users like us whose native language is not English, the platform provides multiple language options. Very sweet!"

Eric S.
E-commerce Seller

"Many merchants often ask me to help promote their products, but I am usually too busy to connect with them all, negotiate prices, arrange payments, and so on. So many business opportunities just slip through my fingers. With RockiBoost, I can select which campaigns I'd like to promote, easily track and manage the projects and the commissions I earn. It has greatly reduced my workload and increased my income. I look forward to "officially" using this platform very soon."

Christine H.

"As a freelance social media influencer, I look forward to discovering interesting and popular products to add to my pages, and increasing my income with each click or sale. I don't have many fans yet, just over 2,000, and the opportunities I have access to are very limited as a nano-influencer. RockitBoost shows me many sellers with products that match my audience who are excited to work with me. I'm getting opportunities just like the celebrities now!."

Natalie D.
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