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Atlanta-based engineer launches platform to boost influencer marketing efforts internationally

by Maija Ehlinger
As an engineer, Lingbin Kong has a knack for streamlining processes. After graduating from Georgia Tech with a Master in Electrical Engineer, Kong went on to work for Motorola and Alpha Comm Enterprises. But in 2017, he jumped into entrepreneurship with 2PM Solutions after seeing the need to streamline how startups get off the ground and scale internationally.

“While working on my startup 2PM Solutions, I went back to Georgia Tech in 2019 for the Executive MBA program in Management of Technology. Looking at my ventures from a business angle, I realized a platform was needed that could bridge the product owners and creators to an effective, affordable marketing solution that had been out of their reach previously: influencers. After talking to a number of clients, and based on my experience in the industry, I created RockitBoost,” Kong told Hypepotamus.

His new venture, RockItBoost, looks to transform the growing influencer marketing industry in order to better connect product owners, influencers, and marketing agencies.

Kong explained that brands have a hard time collaborating with the right influencers, especially during “time-sensitive campaigns.” RockItBoost looks to streamline how companies build out their affiliate, referral, and marketing programs.

Users link their online listings to the RockItBoost platform and specify what their commissions are, eliminating the need to search for and negotiate with different influencers.

The RockItBoost platform connects users with social media influencers, bloggers, content creators, and other online communities.

“Marketing agencies benefit from our SaaS-based platform as a centralized and automated tool for recommending products to their influencers and tracking influencers’ results in real-time,” added Kong.  

Importantly, the platform works in 10 languages, allowing brands to further their reach internationally.

“SMBs already have limited resources to work with, plus they have to pay upfront without knowing what — if any — results they’ll get. On RockitBoost, influencers can easily find these products to promote, and the product owners only pay for influencers’ performance, without upfront fees,” added Kong.

The nine-person team is currently headquartered out of Atlanta Tech Village. Kong said the team plans to continue to optimize the platform over the coming year

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