February 24, 2021

Want to Grow Your Following? Do This Today!

Define Your Niche: Before we get into the tips for growing on social media, there is something important to establish first. Which industry/niche are you in? Your niche is the online community that you engage with and post content for. Examples include beauty, health, fitness, technology, art, music, entertainment and so many more. You can be broad in one of these categories or go deep into a specific niche. For instance, being an influencer in the beauty community is broad, whereas, being an influencer who only focuses on “makeup for busy moms” brings you closer to your target audience and makes your content creation easier too. Most content should revolve around your niche. (because that is why your followers follow you). Once you know your niche, you will be better at growing your socials! It’s all about creating a presence in your niche! And these are some tips for doing that.

Tips to explode your following:

1. Use specific hashtags to your niche

People click on specific hashtags from postings they engage with and can easily find you (someone else they would like to engage with).

2. Follow people who follow people similar to you

If you are an aspiring influencer who posts recipes and cookware, you should follow people who follow cookware brands, chefs, recipe videos, etc. These people will see you in their notifications and are likely to follow you back!  

3. Give people a reason to follow you

Post content that is interesting/informative and useful. People will come across your page, and you want your impression to be a good one. So, provide content that looks like you care! This means proper editing, high quality pictures, current facts, etc. Show that you will consistently produce good content for them to enjoy.  

4. Post Regularly

Staying up to date on your socials is important for two main reasons... You will show up on feeds more often and your followers WANT content for you.  

Bonus tip: Almost all content should be visual. Offer something to catch their eyes. In fact, you can attract 94% more views on average if your content is paired with an image, according to Marketing firm MDG Advertising. Link to Article Here

5. Engage in your community

Comment on people’s posts. They can be famous influencers/celebrities or just others in your community. Like pictures with similar hashtags as yours so those people can discover you! Engaging in many ways in your community is the best way to build a presence there.  

6. Collabs

If you are able to make connections with others in your field/niche, you can collaborate together on certain content. This has always been a popular idea! Ways to do this include working together on certain posts, posting pictures together, or giveaways! Basically, all parties of a collaboration post with/about one another. It gets your page more views and hopefully interested followers!

7. Have fun with it

Followers like to feel that the influencers they follow can relate to them. Acting too much like a brand or too formal weakens the relationship your followers have with you. Be casual at times! Whether you are on Instagram live and get to show your personality, or you’re chatting with followers in the comments -- If you’re having fun sharing content, it will come across that way and be more fun to engage with!  

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