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Modernize How Product Creators and Crowdfunders Get Sales and Traffic

by David Novak
Online sellers and crowdfunders have realized the power of influencers for some time now, with an ROI of over 18X for those that do it right. But the challenges have always been the same for small and medium size product owners, influencers are too expensive to work with and the business has neither the time nor the resources to devote to doing it properly. Well, that day is done with a brand-new platform just released in January 2021 called RockitBoost.

Here are 5 different ways on how this platform will change your marketing strategy forever.

1. The Influencers come to you

Let’s be honest, the biggest pain of using influencers was finding them in the first place. Endless searches on all the social platforms to find the right ones, trying to make sure they have valid followers, communicating back and forth for weeks, negotiating with them, approving content, checking to see they actually did what they said they would, arranging payments…the list goes on and on. Way too much time for an SMB to even consider! RockitBoost flips the entire influencer marketing model on its end by being the very first platform where the influencers come to you. All you have to do is post your product campaign, and the influencers do everything else. They “shop” for your products on the sortable Marketplace, promoting the products their followers would be interested in on all their social channels.

2. Low cost and low risk is the new norm

Product creators and crowdfunders are hesitant to spend a great deal of money upfront for something not guaranteed, and rightly so. SMBs don’t have that much money to tie up in something that may or may not get them results. Brands have spent thousands on influencers only to get a few likes and shares in return.

With RockitBoost, you only pay the small first month’s fee ($19) up front and then nothing else until you get sales or traffic to your site. You decide the commission you want to pay influencers for their performance, and you only pay for verified results.

3. This platform connects product owners and influencers around the world

While ecommerce has become global, unfortunately the relationship between influencers and product sellers hasn’t. Both tend to stay “close to home” because they don’t have access to the same social channels or don’t speak the same language.

RockitBoost eliminates that issue by having a platform that instantly translates into 10 of the most popular languages around the world. So a seller in America can post their products and an influencer in India with the perfect following for that product can translate all the information about their product instantly.

Did you know 5 of the top 10 influencers in the world are not Americans? You instantly have a global marketplace at your fingertips.

4. You pay only for results: sales or traffic

You can pay for likes and shares, but how does that help your bottom line? With RockitBoost, you only pay for performance: actual sales or traffic to your site, all verified by a third-party analytics program. The Dashboard on RockitBoost shows you which influencers are performing the best for you, which platforms they are using, and where they are in the world. See real-time results for your campaigns, and turn them on or off anytime.

5. The time you spend on influencer marketing is minutes a week

No more spending hours and hours each week on influencer marketing. RockitBoost takes a mere fraction of that. In fact, you can post your product in as little as 5 minutes, and then just check in on all the sales and traffic coming your way whenever you like. That’s it. That’s all you do. Seriously.

If you haven’t already, it’s past time for you to give influencer marketing a try. The reason it’s a $10B industry is because it works. So, it’s time you got your share, but with the right tool. RockitBoost is that tool.

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