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Protecting your privacy is important to RockitBoost Inc. (“RockitBoost”)
RockitBoost develops online influencer marketing tools to help Ecommerce Sellers, App and Game Developers, and Crowdfunding Campaign Creators (Campaign Admins) drive more traffic and sales through various platforms--such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and social media. RockitBoost has adopted this Privacy Statement to guide you through the collection, use, retention, and disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information (“Personal Data”, as further described below) that you may provide while using RockitBoost websites, apps, and services in connection with these platforms (collectively referred to as “Services”). RockitBoost encourages you to read this Privacy Statement, as well as our Terms and Conditions of Use, in order to understand how we collect and process Personal Data in the course of providing the Services and your interaction with the Services.

By using the Services, you consent to the collection, use, retention, and disclosure of your Personal Data for processing as described in, and subject to the limitations set out in, this Privacy Statement.

Note to Residents of European Union: In order to comply with the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for our European users, this Privacy Statement outlines the legal basis on which we process your Personal Data and provides other information required by the GDPR.  

Personal Data

Personal Data is any information that would identify a person directly, or indirectly in combination with data from other sources. For example, a full name, home or work address, phone number, national identification number (SSN, SIN, etc.), email address, banking details, IP address, biometric data, usage data, or any information that may individually identify a person.

RockitBoost may collect Personal Data including without limitation such as name, shipping and billing addresses, phone number, email address, payment information, PayPal address, IP address, and device identifiers and/or geolocation information, in the course of its Services, and may use or disclose that Personal Data as described with this Privacy Statement.

RockitBoost may also create de-identified or anonymized data from Personal Data by excluding data components (such as your name, email address, etc.) that makes the data able to personally identify you, through obfuscation, or through other means. In addition, RockitBoost may collect and use aggregated, anonymous information to provide data about the Services to advertisers, potential business partners and other unaffiliated entities. As this information does not identify a person, and is therefore not Personal Data, RockitBoost’s use of such aggregated, anonymized and/or de-identified data is not subject to this Privacy Statement.

Consent and Collection of Personal Data

If you use a RockitBoost website, or conduct a transaction through a RockitBoost Service where Personal Data is essential, your consent is implied to collect and use your Personal Data to facilitate that use or complete that transaction initiated by you only. This is the case where you provide Personal Data directly to RockitBoost for this purpose, or where you provide Personal Data to a Campaign Admin (as defined in our Terms of Use) to facilitate your participation in a campaign and that Data is processed by RockitBoost on the campaign admin’s behalf.

Examples of instances in which Personal Data may be collected by RockitBoost are, but are not limited to:
1. If you make, adjust, or cancel a purchase through a RockitBoost affiliate link.

2. When you access or navigate a RockitBoost website, or engage in communication and/or business transaction with RockitBoost.

3. If you knowingly submit Personal Data through a RockitBoost website for the purpose of registering for a service, a contest, or authentication.

During these instances, we may collect data such as, but not restricted to: areas of the Services or RockitBoost websites you visit, transaction type(s) you engage in or request (and amounts thereof), content you view, your IP address, data downloaded or submitted by you, transaction amount, payment information provided by you, shipping and billing information, as well as the nature, quantity and price of the goods or services you exchange and the individuals or entities with whom you communicate or transact business using the Services.

In the event RockitBoost requests Personal Data for scenarios independent of the above, such as marketing-related questions via questionnaires, surveys, and profile data, These will be used for internal purposes only or sharing compiled information (non-identified) with our Campaign Admins. In these scenarios, we may ask for data such as, but not limited to your contact information (name, telephone numbers, email address, mailing address), date of birth, product and/or cosmetic concerns, which brands and products you use, user authentication and security information (e.g. username and password). We will never sell your data to a third party for any reason.

If at any point you wish to withdraw consent to Personal Data collection, please contact the RockitBoost Privacy Officer via the Contact & Questions area at the bottom of this Privacy Statement. Please note that certain Services may only be able to be offered or provided to you if you disclose the Personal Data necessary to facilitate those Services, and therefore RockitBoost may not be able to provide you with certain Services in the event that you choose not to disclose that Personal Data to RockitBoost.

Anonymous Information

When you interact with a RockitBoost Service, similar to most other websites, apps, and online services, certain anonymous technical information about your visit is automatically logged and collected by RockitBoost. This may include information about the type of browser you use, operating system, the date and time you access the Service, the links you accessed while using the Service, and the internet address of the website, if any, which linked directly to the RockitBoost Service. This information is used for system administration purposes such as diagnosing problems with RockitBoost’s Services, servers and websites, compiling aggregated and statistical information, and to improve the operation and content of RockitBoost’s website and Services. It is not personally identifiable, and is not considered Personal Data and subject to this Privacy Statement.

Personal Data Use

RockitBoost may use collected Personal Data for such purposes as:
1. Helping to establish and verify the identity of users, and to keep user accounts secure.
2. Opening, maintaining, administering and servicing users’ accounts or memberships.
3. Providing Services and support to users.
4. Improving RockitBoost’s websites, including tailoring its websites to users’ preferences.
5. If you are an Affiliate User  or Influencer (someone who earns rewards for generating referred sales using RockitBoost, defined in our Terms of Use), RockitBoost takes reasonable steps to ensure that the Campaign Admin has its own data privacy policy, which can be accessed on your dashboard. Please make sure you review the Campaign Admin's privacy policy. If at any time you wish to withdraw your consent to us sharing your Personal Data, please update your preferences within your dashboard accordingly.
6. Providing users with product or Service updates, promotional notices and offers, and other information about RockitBoost and its affiliates.
7. Corresponding with you, and responding to your questions, inquiries, comments, and instructions.
8. Maintaining the security and integrity of RockitBoost systems, and complying with applicable laws.

Once collected, RockitBoost will store and process your Personal Data in secure locations. RockitBoost may transmit data outside of Canada for the purposes of processing and executing transactions related to the Services, or for the purpose of executing transactions on behalf of Campaign Admins that have registered and make use of RockitBoost’s online tools. Where this transmission occurs, the security measures outlined in this Privacy Statement will continue to apply.

Personal Data will only be retained by RockitBoost for the length of time required to fulfill the purpose or complete the transaction for which it was collected, or as may be required by law. Beyond that point, Personal Data in the possession or control of RockitBoost will be anonymized or securely destroyed. We will never sell your data to a third party.

“Cookies” and Advertisers

The RockitBoost websites, or the third-party companies used to host, operate, or maintain these websites, may place a “cookie” on your computer in order to allow you to use these websites and to personalize your experience.

A “cookie” is a small piece of data, or an alphanumeric identifier, that can be sent by a web server to your computer or device, which then may be stored by your browser on your computer or device. Cookies allow RockitBoost to recognize your computer while you are on our websites and help customize your online experience and make it more convenient for you. Cookies are also useful in allowing more efficient log-in for users, tracking transaction histories and preserving information between browsing sessions. The information collected from cookies may also be used to improve website functionality.

The advertisers and/or other content providers that may appear on RockitBoost websites may also use cookies that are not sent by RockitBoost. Such ads or content may contain cookies that help track and target the interests of users of our websites in order to present “personalized” advertisements or other messages that the user might find interesting. RockitBoost is not responsible for any such cookies.

Most web browsers have features that can notify you when you receive a cookie or prevent cookies from being sent. If you disable cookies, however, you may not be able to use certain personalized functions of RockitBoost websites.

Rights With Respect to Personal Data

RockitBoost is committed to ensuring you retain full access to and control of your Personal Data. To that end, we endeavor to respect your right to be informed regarding the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Data, and your right of correction and access to it, via this Privacy Statement.

If you would like to access, correct, remove, request a copy of, withdraw consent to collection of your Personal Data, or are looking for any additional information on how your Personal Data may be collected, used or disclosed by RockitBoost, please contact the RockitBoost Privacy Officer via the Contact & Questions area at the bottom of this Privacy Statement. Subject to certain exceptions and limitations that may be prescribed by applicable law, you will be provided with reasonable access to your Personal Data, and will be entitled to have it amended or corrected as appropriate.

In certain circumstances, you may have the right to have your Personal Data, or certain components of your Personal Data, erased by RockitBoost, to have your Personal Data moved, copy or transmitted from RockitBoost’s systems to other systems, or to object to or restrict certain processing of your Personal Data by RockitBoost. In the event that you wish to inquire about, or seek to exercise any of these rights (as they may be applicable), please contact the RockitBoost Privacy Officer.

External Links

RockitBoost Services may contain links to other websites, apps, or services, including those of advertisers or third-party content providers who offer downloads as part of a RockitBoost Service. RockitBoost is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of other websites, apps, or services. We encourage you to read the privacy statements published by such third parties before divulging your Personal Data to them.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

RockitBoost reserves the right to modify or supplement this Privacy Statement at its discretion, at any time. If a material change to the terms of this Privacy Statement is made, we will post a notice to our homepage and a link to the new or amended Privacy Statement. The collection, use of, and disclosure of your Personal Data by RockitBoost will be governed by the version of this Privacy Statement in effect at that time. Your continued use of RockitBoost’s websites and/or Services subsequent to any changes to this Privacy Statement will indicate your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Data in accordance with the amended Privacy Statement.

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