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Create your own customized influencer marketing program with fully scalable workflow automation to promote your projects, boost your sales and traffic, elevate your brand awareness, and track your growth. You don’t have to spend countless hours finding the right influencers for your product.

Types of Product Owners


E-Commerce Retailers
Selling products on third-party marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Wish, Etsy, Craigslist, and etc.


Startup Founders
Planning or running crowdfunding campaigns on platforms such like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Makuake, Campfire, etc.

Product Managers
Selling products on their own web stores built on Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, Squarespace, Magento and etc.

Software Developers
Launching and promoting apps on mobile marketplaces such as Apple App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store.

Here's How We Do It

When you sign-up with RockitBoost, you get access to incredible features that automate your workflow and simplify your campaign strategy so boost your success.

Boost Your Business

Customize and Manage Affiliate Programs

Link your campaign or product to RockitBoost where you can customize affiliate programs that fit your brand and budget.

Unlimited Influencer Connections

Attract thousands of Influencers by simply creating your campaign project profile and product affiliate program. RockitBoost connects you with ideal candidates through category and interest-based results that match your brand with target market and audience.

Fully Scale Your Business

Worflow Automation

Let RockitBoost automate the tracking, referral validation, commission payouts, and Influencer connections, so you can focus on running your campaign, building your brand, and selling your product.

Innovative Analytics Tools

Track impressions, engagement, traffic, content creation, conversions on sales, and commission payouts through a fully automated and customizable dashboard.

Increase Lead Generation and Sales

Risk Free Collaboration

Boost your sales through customizable affiliate and referral programs that fit your budget. RockitBoost tracks your sales, so you can easily reward Influencers for successfully promoting and selling your products! Remember, you only pay for performance – sales or traffic to your site!

Simplify Your Marketing Tool Kit

Through the RockitBoost Dashboard, you get access to incredible analytics tools, graphs, charts, and statistics that update in real time making it easy for you to gain insight on how to optimize your marketing strategy and increase your sales!


Scale your resources by manage your workflow with ease on a single dashboard.


Collaborate with thousands of Influencers and Marketing Agencies.


Increase your sales by promoting your products to  target audiences.

Take off

Simplify your marketing strategy to boost your success.

What Our Product Owners Say

"I have my own online stores on four e-commerce marketplaces: Amazon, Newegg, Etsy and Wix. RockitBoost can support them at the same time, which is way beyond my expectation. BTW it's convenient to manage with mobile phones."

Lindsay P.

"RockitBoost provides us with a novel and feasible way of promotion. The compatibility of this platform is impressively good. And for users like us whose native language is not English, the platform provides multiple language options.

Eric S.

"I have been looking for such a platform. I can freely choose to promote my products by sales or traffic. I can use it to promote my App in the App Store. RockitBoost is very powerful and the user experience is excellent. It's just like tailor-made for me!"

Bryan C.

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