November 19, 2020

Allison Freedman

Do you have 1,000 followers? Congrats! You’re an Influencer!

When most people hear the word “influencer,” their first thought is of celebrities with millions of social media followers like the Kardashians, who are known for making their living solely through being famous, sharing their personal lives on their social channels, and living large. For a long time, these celebrities were the only influencers.  

But not surprisingly, the influencer trend has turned towards everyday people with smaller followings, such as that friend in school who has gained 1,000 followers because she posts snaps of herself trying fun, new makeup looks, to the smart guy who's passionate about electronics and is always the first to get the latest gadget and post a review about it. These everyday people are influencers in their own right and businesses are smart to work with them instead of trying to go after the bigger fish. Why? Businesses can get a bigger return on their investment. These nano and micro-influencers spend much more time engaging with their followers: liking their comments, following back, going live, interacting with viewers, and more. They know and understand their followers and when they recommend a product, their followers can trust their advice.    

Influencer marketing consists of a collaboration between an influencer and a business that benefits both parties. For example, when a make-up brand is looking to launch its newest line of cosmetics aimed at a young, adventurous crowd…. your friend with 1,000 followers posting new make-up looks on social media is perfect for them! Her “audience” is exactly the audience the make-up brand hopes will buy their product. That friend has taken the time and energy to build up her audience and post creative videos and Snapchats her followers enjoy, all of which has made her a make-up expert who keeps up with the latest trends and is always trying the best products. Something she does purely for enjoyment can now lead to a lucrative side hustle.  

Does the business approach this make-up enthusiast or vice versa? Both it turns out! Most current models and influencers have businesses searching for and contacting them. However, new innovations in software technology allow for a much easier connection between the two. Platforms such as RockitBoost allow influencers to shop a marketplace of products to discover new items they would be interested in promoting. Each product includes photos and a detailed description as well as how much the business will pay for each click or sale. With a couple clicks of their mouse, influencers can promote the products they are most interested in to their social channels and every click or purchase will be automatically tracked. Influencers can view their dashboard to see how their campaigns are performing and which of their platforms are working best.

While most services similar to RockitBoost only offer points or in-kind merchandise to influencers - or sometimes even fail to pay them - RockitBoost is the first platform to offer guaranteed cash payments to influencers. Influencers can promote as many products as they like and stop at any time. This way, they don’t have to wait until a business reaches out to them first to collaborate and don’t have to endure the endless communication exchange of what the business expects from them and how much they are willing to offer. For the first time, influencers can completely run their own business as an influencer and promote as much or as little as they like. An added bonus is RockitBoost charges no subscription fee or set-up fees for influencers.  

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